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Oyama Karate Kyokushin Hungary

History and results of Oyama Karate Kyokushin Hungary

History and results of Oyama Karate Kyokushin Hungary

Year of founding: 1998.

President: József Borza, 6. dan


Director: Károly Marossy, 4. dan

Number of dojos: 25
Members: 800

Oyama Karate Kyokushin Hungary (OKKH) was created in 1998, after the split of the so far united kyokushin world that followed the death of the martial art founder Masutatsu Oyama. The new organization soon proved that one of the strongest groups was formed in Hungary. Led by József Borza, a 6th dan master (4th dan back then) we managed to establish one of Hungary's most important groups. We have a membership of 800 persons in 23 dojos, our results in Hungary and abroad speak for themselves. OKKH is associated with high-quality and harmonized professional karate activity. The way we teach traditional karate in the dojos and our international demonstrations brought us worldwide respect. Our belt-exams and black belt gradings are done following strict rules and high expectations. During the years we graded many black belt masters who help us teaching karate in Hungary.
International results:

• 1999: European Championship, Hungary (Eger): 3 gold, 4 silver medals
• 2000: World Tournament, Japan (Tokyo): 1 silver medal (no weight division)
• 2001: European Championship, Spain (Barcelona): 1 bronze medal
• 2003: European Championship, Belgium (Antwerp): 1 silver medal, 2 bronze medal, 1 fourth place
• 2004: World Tournament, Japan (Tokyo): 2 students from Borza Dojo in the first 16 (no weight division)
• 2005: European Championship, Poland (Warsava): 1 silver, 2 bronze medals
• 2006: International Kyokushin Karate Championship, Georgia (Tbilisi): 1 gold, 1 bronze medal
• 2006: World Cup, Australia (Sidney): 1 gold medal (men, +80 kg)
• 2007: European Championship, Ukraine (Lvov): 1 silver, 2 bronze medals
• 2008: World Tournament, Japan (Tokyo): 1 gold medal, one 7th place
• 2009: European Championship, Italy (Casarano):1 gold, 1 bronze medal
• 2011: European Championship, Hungary (Eger): 1 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze medals